Diy Eurorack Case Measurements Ideas. His design is inspired by the bastl instruments rumburack 2.0, and he’s shared the details via scribd. See more ideas about eurorack, synthesizer, diy case.

MATRIXSYNTH Eurorack Cases by Lamond Design and Matthew from

Why make a diy power supply ? The measurements are almost correct, the thickness of the side wings is 22mm. A bit more exact sketch of the case.

Add 1U Rail Frames Between Each Pair Of 3U Rail Frames (That's Two Altogether).

Here's what graham hinton said: Since eurorack uses some very strange forms of measurements such as (hp) and (u) i had to translate these to mm in order to proceed with working on the case. See more ideas about eurorack, diy case, synthesizer.

Threaded Inserts (M3) Were Used To Mount The Modules In Place.

Of course this method relies on proper sheet dimensions. Nathan thompson has shared a variety of free (‘free as in beer’) diy eurorack case designs via thingiverse. There are a lot of different ways to diy a eurorack case.

All The Specs For Eurorack Construction Can Be Found On The Doepfer Website (Particularly This Page).

The height is 3u or 133.4mm and the length is dependent on. The part in parentheses is the nominal size, the part in brackets allows for a clearance, and the tolerance is +0, ie not larger than, to up to 0.2mm less. They can be painted, diy power can be added or another option is to use one or more tiptop μzeus power modules.

But As Modern Dsp Modules Are Getting More And More Popular (See Mutable Instruments) The Need For A Good 5V Supply Rail Is Very Important.

Hp = horizontal pitch = 5.08 mm. Screws, wires, power cables and connectors, hinges, etc. It might be a headache to complete it all but in our store you have it all in one place.

You'll Need 48,26 Cm Inside Your Frame + The Width Of The Frame Itself + Some Extra Space For The Power Unit Height:

Their width is measured in hp (hp = horizontal pitch, 1 hp = 5.08 mm or 1/5 inch or 1/5). The final height of the front panels is a bit less than 133.4 mm as the rim of the mounting rails has to taken into considerattion. A bit more exact sketch of the case.