How Long Does Walmart Take To Ship Ps5. Lugoves 1 year ago #11. They sent emails saying ps5 was being delivered to their store in 6 days then the next day i got email to come pick it up at the store.

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The lucky get them from walmart in about 4 days, the unlucky up to 4 weeks, if at all. I spoke to walmart support and they said i would get an email in 24 to 48 hours from today confirming shipping. It seems like back in november, december, maybe even january, orders were taking about 3+ weeks to ship, but they recieved the playstation 5 quickly after they shipped or the status change from preparing order.

It’s Been Over 8 Months Since The Release Of The Ps5 In November 2020.

Walmart online is so sketchy. If you paid for your order using a walmart gift card or egift card, or you used paypal as your payment, your total is deducted as soon as you place your order. I bought an xbox sx from walmart on the 15th and it said it would be here january 11.

It Could Be Sooner Or Later, So If You're Not Fine With It Then You Can Cancel.

Ordering a ps5 from walmart is basically a lottery at this point. I hate to be negative but when i ordered my ps5 from walmart back in february it was canceled after 2 weeks of “preparing order” status. I bought a ps5 from walmart on the 17th and it still hasn't shipped.

So You May Get It Early, But You May Not.

Don't get nervous until you are in week 3. If you have or already ordered your ps5 or you are thinking of ordering your ps5, don’t worry as the ps5s will be back in stock soon and so will be the delivery schedule. Does anyone know will it really take that long for them to send it?

It Looks Like The Orders For These Units Might Take A.

And i heard some people got canceled after their purchase, kind of worries about it. Walmart will give you a pending date almost a month away. For those who have bought a ps5 from walmart.

How Long Does It Take For Walmart To Ship Ps5?

Why will it take a month to deliver? Dec 2, 2021 dennis patrick. The email from them shows the playstation will arrive by march 2nd.