How To Change Code On Keypad Door Lock Kwikset 2021. First, remove the lock from your door following the manufacturer’s directions. A valid master code needs to be put once.

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With the door open and locked, press and release the program button one time, enter the new user code on keypad and then push the lock button. Press the program button twice, enter the same or a new code and then press the lock button once. While the door is open, press the “program” keypad button located on the interior side of the door.

If Your Old Code Still Remains In The Unit, You Will Need To Perform A Hard Reset Of The Unit.

Insert the smartkey tool fully and firmly into the smartkey hole. Open the premis app > select the lock > click on user icon (upper right) 2. How do you change the code on a kwikset lock?

How To Change Or Add A User Code To A Weiser / Kwikset Smart Door Lock.

At the center of your smartcode keypad, press the “lock” button. Door locks kwikset smartcode older model manuals. How do you change the code on a digital door lock?

It Is Recommended That You Change It To A Code Of Your Own.

How do i change the code on my kwikset keypad? Without pushing or pulling the key. Where is the program button on kwikset lock?

While The Door Is Open, Press The Lock Button Once.

You may feel the tool click inside the lock. How do you change the master code on a kwikset lock? There is a “program” keypad button on the door’s interior side.

While The Door Is Open, Press The “Program” Keypad Button Located On The Interior Side Of The Door.

Press the “lock” keypad button at the center of the smartcode keypad. Jordan july 21, 2021 uncategorized. The 5 seconds is completed indicating the lock has been reset.