How To Deposit A Check For A Minor Bank Of America. For opening bank account, you can give that friend's address (if you trust him/her enough). Deposit the check to that account.

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You also could use a hyphen instead of parentheses. The problem is that you need to sign a contract to open an account, and contracts signed by minors are complicated. Sign your name under the.

To Do This, Parents Must First Print Their Child's Name On The Back Of The Check And Then Write The Word Minor In Parentheses;

If you plan to deposit the. After your name, add a hyphen with your relationship to the child (example, parent or mother). When a child receives a check before they can write their name correctly, it's an opportunity to teach them about currency.

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Swipe your bank of america card at the atm. How do i endorse a check for a minor? I'm sure they deal with this often.

If You Child Is Old Enough To Write Or Sign Their Own Name You Can Have Him/Her Take Part In The Process By Writing In His/Her Own Name.

Deposit a check through our atms & mobile app. Deposit the check to that account. Sign the back of the check and write “for deposit only at bank of america”.

On The Back Of The Check, Print Your Child's Name.

The problem is that they may not trust the signature unless they can actually see you sign and verify your identity. With some banks and credit unions, you may not need to endorse the check if it will be deposited into the child’s account or a joint custodial account. Endorse your checks by signing at the back side of the checks.

Minor By [Your Name Signed], Parent/Guardian.

Write your child’s name on the back of the check, followed by “minor”. How to endorse a check for a minor. However, if you want to make note that it was deposited on such and such a day, keep one handy and write on it the dates and confirmation numbers, much like you would, had you been inside a bank to deposit it.