How To Smoke A Ham On A Traeger Grill. Preheat the traeger smoker pellet grill to 375 degrees f. Set the temperature of your traeger between 225°f and 275°f.

Smoked Spiral Ham with Honey Glaze Gimme Some Grilling from

Give the ham a light coating of the mop sauce and close the lid. The spicy bourbon mustard glaze is intermittently spritzed over the whole ham as it traegers infusing a robust flavor. You can use the thermometer control on the pellet hopper to set the desired temperature.

Ideal Temperature Will Be Around 90 Degrees Where The Cheese Is Setting.

So gather your friends and family and reminisce about christmases past while this holiday hog smokes low and slow. How to smoke a ham on a traeger grill. 6+ hour cook, so be prepared to hang around the house for a while!

Give The Ham A Light Coating Of The Mop Sauce And Close The Lid.

Delicious ed apple glazed double smoked ham. Cut a diamond shaped pattern of slits into the skin of the ham, going 1/4 inch deep. How can you smoke a ham on different grills?

Be Sure To Not Penetrate The Skin Enough To Cut Into The Meat.

Cook until glaze is reduced by half, about 15 minutes. On a traeger or pellet grill. Traeger smoked ham easy glazed double recipe.

Place The Meat In The Smoker.

With this recipe, you don’t need a brine or do other preparation. For optimal flavor, use super smoke, if available. Each stage helps infuse the pork with rich flavor and moisture.

Let The Grill Preheat Completely.

Pastrami needs a nice crust, so don’t wrap too soon. How to smoke pastrami in a traeger. Traeger’s grills are wonderful if you’re searching for greater than simply barbecuing as well as smoking.