How To Unlock Sim Card Without Puk Code Samsung References. Enter your sim unlock code. Insert an unaccepted sim card and enter the code.

How To Bypass Puk Code Verizon from

insert the puk code for your sim and press the checkmark to continue. Check your mobile operator’s website They will provide you with all the information once that you give them some personal information (name, address).

If The Pin Code Is Entered Wrongly 3 Times, The Phone Is Locked And Requires A Puk (Personal Unlock Key) To Reactivate It.

Verify your new pin code by typing it in again when you see the prompt. insert the puk code for your sim and press the checkmark to continue. Enter a new pin code (usually four to eight digits) and press ok.

Press Ok Once Again, And Your Sim Becomes Unlocked.

Scroll down and tap on security.scroll down to the ‘pin and personal unblocking key’ section then click view.see on the packaging of the sim card. If you know the password, enter it to unlock your sim. It is essential to enter your puk code if you want to unlock your.

Check Your Mobile Operator’s Website

Enter your sim unlock code. Click more tools on left sidebar and select android sim unlock. Here’s how you can unlock your sim card in minutes:

Your Samsung Is Now Unlocked!

Samsung unlocking without sim card (short instructions) 1. Enter puk unlock code‘ or ‘sim card blocked. Do the same for 2 times.

One Of The Ways Is By Calling Customer Service.

Enter the puk code and press ok. Turn off your device, remove the new sim card, then turn it back on again. Android phones require another sim card to trigger the pop up box to enter the unlock code.