How To Winterize A Sundance Hot Tub Ideas. Clean and protect your hot tub. Circulate spa for the length of time on the package directions.

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Be very careful if you choose to close down your own spa. Put the hot tub cover on. It costs you approximately $4.75 a month to circulate your royal spa hot tub, and it takes at least three hours to properly winterize a hot tub.

Turn Off The Hot Tub.

After you’ve removed as much water as you can from your spa, continue the winterization process by following these steps: Backyards, decks and patios are all about relaxing. Then remove the hard thermal cover and drain out the spa.

How To Winterize A Hot Tub.

Begin with a full hot tub. In some cases, you will have to remove the entire side panel to access the hot tub equipment. Not all hot tubs have this setting and many tubs call it different things.

Why We Don’t Recommend You To Winterize Your Hot Tub We Rarely Discuss Winterizing, And Here’s Why:

Also realize that the damage that can be done due to freezing is very costly to repair. How to winterize and close a hot tub spa. Owning one of the world’s best hot tubs will transform how you and your loved ones spend time together, and help you all live happier, healthier lives.

How To Winterize A Sundance Hot Tub.

Run it for 30 seconds. To winterize a hot tub, switch off the power and then drain all the water using a sump pump.use the propylene glycol antifreeze (6 gallons) and a funnel and pour the antifreeze down each jet, your filter standpipes, and any other opening through which water may enter or leave your spa.using a clean, absorbent towel, wipe any remaining moisture from your hot tub. Using harsh cleaning products will result in foamy water when you refill your hot tub.

Last Year, My 10 Year Old Sundance Hot Tub Struggled To Maintain Temperature Through The Cold Winter.

Even 100 gallons in a hot tub, because of its small area (approximately 10 ft²) will be 83,45 lb/ft². #2 put your hot tub in freeze protect mode. That’s why a hot tub fits in so well.