Standard Range Not Detected Covid Test. Not detected means the normal (standard) result is not to have covid detected in the sample The result of this test should not be the sole basis for the diagnosis;

Understanding your Spike Protein Antibody (Blood test
Understanding your Spike Protein Antibody (Blood test from

Inhibitor or bacterial overgrowth limited It says my your value is positive but then it says the standard range is negative. The time this process takes varies from person.

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It means that the person being tested is positive for covid. A reference range is the value that the lab considers normal or typical for a healthy person. Inconclusive results (presumptive positive) or presumed positive:

No Action Inconclusive See Test Result Comment.

Reference range is the result expected for this test in the absence of disease. No action test not performed (tnp) no result consider retest only if clinically indicated. • the virus was not detected.

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If your test came back and you are wondering what does not detected mean on a covid test. Both the control line and test line in the result window are not visible before. The reference range on your test result shows the range of your result compared to that of most healthy people.

Not Detected Means The Normal (Standard) Result Is Not To Have Covid Detected In The Sample

I just had a covid test and i dont understand the results. Reasons for not testing may include failure to collect the specimen properly, specimen was mislabeled, problems in transport to laboratory, incorrect This means the sample did not contain any virus.

The Nat Result Is Outside The Validated Range Of The Test (I.e., Rna Concentration Is Below The

This means that the virus was not found in your sample. It’s possible that you had the virus, but that: Review symptoms with patient prior to test order.