What To Avoid After Nuclear Stress Test References. What to avoid before your stress test caffeine should be avoided 24 hours before the stress test chocolate or cocoa products in candy, cakes, brownies, pudding, chocolate milk, hot cocoa, etc.; O if you are diabetic, you may have a light breakfast 2 hours before the stress test (example:

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Is the radiation from a nuclear stress test safe? If you are given medicine to make your heart beat stronger and faster (dobutamine), you may have a headache, nausea, or your heart may pound faster and more strongly. Rarely, during the test people experience:

Pump Your Breast Milk And Pour It Out.

Avoid food and drinks containing caffeine (candies, cakes, brownies, pudding, chocolate milk, hot cocoa, diet supplement bars, etc.). The test shows the blood flow to the heart muscle when it is stressed by either exercise or a stress inducing medication and to determine what areas of. If you want to be conservative and keep the dose low to your baby, i would say one day gives your body time to eliminate the radioactive tracer.

You'll Have To Skip Your Morning Cup Of Coffee Or Tea, And Avoid Sodas And Chocolate.

With the increased use of vasodilatation drugs, there is an increased amount of side effects. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. We will then take more pictures of.

O If You Are Diabetic, You May Have A Light Breakfast 2 Hours Before The Stress Test (Example:

This may be due to a previous heart attack or to severe coronary artery disease. A headache after nuclear stress test, though experienced only in few individuals. You must ask your doctor for instructions before this test.

The Person Going For The Nuclear Test Is Expected Not To Eat Or Drink 4 To 6 Hours Before The Test.

A nuclear stress test is used to identify and assess potential blockages inside the coronary arteries. Despite all the resources on cardiovascular disease management, many people forget this truth: Some people also have nausea, shakiness, headache, flushing, shortness of breath and anxiety during the stress test.

It May Be Helpful To Bring A Close Friend Or Family Member To.

Nuclear stress test exercise or chemical stress testing. After the stress test, you will wait 30 to 60 minutes. Your doctor will ask you to stop taking medicines (if you are taking any) temporarily, so that the effectiveness of nuclear stress test is more pronounced.